United Way of Colquitt County

Community Impact Grant Application

Three Focus Areas: Education, Health, or Financial Stability

Calendar Years 2023-2026

The mission of the United Way of Colquitt County is to organize, coordinate, and maximize the resources available to our diverse community to improve the quality of life.

The United Way of Colquitt County (UWCC) has a proud history of raising and distributing funds due to the financial support of citizens and the business community. These funds are distributed through an annual allocation process and two grant opportunities, known of as Community Impact Grants and Special Grants, with a goal of building capacity and providing resources for citizens.

The Community Impact Grant is available for annual application and distribution per the following annual timeline:

March – April: Application Period
May – June: Committee Review
June: Committee Presentation and Recommendation to the UWCC Board of Directors
June – July: UWCC Board of Directors Grant Recipient Selections
August: UWCC Grant Awards at Annual Campaign Kick-Off Event
August – July: Grant Funds Dispersed and Spent by Recipient

Annually, the UWCC Board of Directors will determine funding availability to meet the needs of applicants, with the understanding that the UWCC Board of Directors will only award funds based upon availability and financial prudence.

The Community Impact Grant provides the UWCC an opportunity to strategically focus on issues, strategies, and the actions needed to improve lives and create lasting change in our communities. United Way Worldwide is focusing on three areas to facilitate such, and the UWCC is following suit by providing resources as available to empower organizations whose work addresses health, education, and economic stability. The UWCC Board of Directors will collect submitted applications for Community Impact Grants focusing only on the areas of Education, Health or Economic Stability. Community Impact Grants have been developed to seed new and beginning projects of non-profit and government-based agencies, with the intention of funding the projects for three consecutive years, not to exceed $8,000 annually, to ensure financial stability to aide in the launch of such projects, so long as funding is available. Applications for Community Impact Grants must address one or more the three identified areas of focus and provide an explicit target outcome, with a defined measurement instrument applicable to a beginning project.

The parameters of health, education and economic stability projects include but are not limited to the following guidance:

• Provide access to educational programs for all demographics in our community.

• Provide access to healthy opportunities for the whole person, from birth to senior adults, including mental and physical health.

Economic Stability
• Provide population-specific outreach to lower-income workers to increase enrollment in basic education and job readiness programs.
• Provide services to remove barriers to participation in basic education and job readiness programs by promoting flexible class hours, use of modularized curricula, and provision of transportation and temporary childcare subsidies.
• Provide for “gap” services, including books and materials for educational training, work tools, dress and uniforms, etc.

United Way of Colquitt County also specifies the following conditions for funding:
• Proposals will be accepted from 501©3 organizations as well as other government or charitable organizations if the proposal is aligned with the UWCC’s mission. This includes both member and non-member agencies.
• Funded activities must demonstrate need and benefit to the community.
• Funding may be used only for Colquitt County programs and residents.
• Each applying organization must provide a measurement tool for their program/activity. Should the award be for Community Impact funding, the measurement must tie to one of the strategies of the education, health or economic stability framework.
• Local support and partnerships should be identified in the application and are considered in making funding decisions.
• The impact of the project funded must be felt in the community and by the target population beyond the funding period.
• Applicants must identify how it will include and publicize its funding partnership with the UWCC in the program. Identification should include documented photographs and media awareness.

UWCC Community Impact funds may not be spent on the following:
• To replace other funds currently being spent on this initiative.
• Capital campaigns, to purchase buildings or other real estate.
• To reduce existing deficits.
• To support the applicant’s out-of-county activities.

Review of Applications:
A grant review committee consisting of multiple UWCC board members with one board member as committee chair and up to 3 non-board members from the target area field will review applications. Organizations may be required to meet with the committee to discuss their request, and all funded organizations will be required to meet with the committee in August/September of each calendar year to consider allocations for years 2 and 3 of the project.

Disbursement of Funds to Grantees
Successful applicants will receive year 1 of their three-year funding allotment in September of the calendar year of application, and the remaining years 2 and 3 each following September, assuming funding remains available. All subsequent funding is available upon a satisfactory committee and organization meeting, and an annual review of the project implementation, progress and impact.

Applications must be submitted on original forms provided, with all required supporting documents. Methods of submission include email to the Executive Director, USPS mail (P.O. Box 969, Moultrie, GA 31776) or delivered to the UWCC office (912 First Avenue, SE, Room #203, Moultrie, GA 31768) by April 28, 2023.

Questions may be directed to: Caroline Horne, Executive Director, via phone at (229) 985-2627 or via email at caroline@uwccga.org

For more inquiries regarding grant opportunities, call us (229) 985-2627 or use the form below.

United Way of Colquitt County fights for the health, education and financial stability of every person in our community.

We strive to help assess needs through our 20+ local agencies by providing donor funds, gathering resources and making partnerships and connections between businesses and local nonprofit organizations. 

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