Community Impact & Special Grants

Community Impact Grants

The Community Impact Grant provides the UWCC an opportunity to strategically focus on issues, strategies, and the actions needed to improve lives and create lasting change in our communities. United Way Worldwide is focusing on three areas to facilitate such, and the UWCC is following suit by providing resources as available to empower organizations whose work addresses health, education, and economic stability. The UWCC Board of Directors will collect submitted applications for Community Impact Grants focusing only on the areas of Education, Health or Economic Stability. Community Impact Grants have been developed to seed new and beginning projects of non-profit and government-based agencies, with the intention of funding the projects for three consecutive years, not to exceed $8,000 annually, to ensure financial stability to aide in the launch of such projects, so long as funding is available. Applications for Community Impact Grants must address one or more the three identified areas of focus and provide an explicit target outcome, with a defined measurement instrument applicable to a beginning project.












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