United Way volunteers must be independent of United Way agencies, board members and allocation volunteers both in fact and in appearance. United Way volunteers will not be perceived as independent if they have relationships that are viewed as likely to influence their decisions with respect to an organization receiving United Way funds. If such independence does not exist, the fairness and credibility of the entire United Way Funds Distribution Process is brought into question and serious public criticism and lack of support may result.          

Therefore, any United Way volunteer who is serving on the United Way board and/or Allocation Committee should not review funding requests for any United Way participating agency or organization for which they may also serve as a Board Member, Officer or Club Member and would refrain from lobbying for that agency. They shall also abstain from voting privileges in all similar situations.            

 In addition, no United Way volunteer shall derive any personal profit or gain, directly or indirectly, by reason of his or her membership on the Allocation Committee and shall refrain from participating on such matter.

Conflict of Interest Agreement
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