** Requires a board vote. Quorum is 10 board members.

  • Educational Moment: We will have Angela and Lester Castellow with us for a brief update and history on Habitat for Humanity. This should be a very short educational moment that will help us determine the future of Habitat while in our care.

community impact grant requests

Colquitt County Arts Center – Art for All

  • Request $12,200
  • Open studio opportunities for community members of all ages to explore a variety of art experiences with the hope that they might identify or renew a hobby or income generating passion. Providing workshops or classes in accessible locations..
  • Offering free of charge. Expenses for consumable supplies.

Baby Packer / Colquitt County School PreK – Welcome Home Kits

  • Request $24,000
  • This program will pave the way to improve the literacy skills, dental health, and parenting skills of all children and their parents/family in Colquitt County by providing a free welcome home kit for every child born at Colquitt Regional.
  • The Dolly Parton Imagination Library will be a partner program to this welcome home kit with information for the free books program in each kit.
  • Offering free of charge. Expenses for consumable supplies.

MCCLS – The Basics

  • Request $24,000
  • An evidenced based approach to early literacy and learning. Printable resources and materials for caretakers and parents to help teach or interact with their young learner right from birth and before the start of school. Target ages is 0-3. Other media outlets will include billboards, radio, social media, websites, newspaper, yard signs, direct mailins, magazines, and much more. .
  • Offering free of charge. Expenses for consumable supplies/communication pieces like printing.

Educational Foundation – Mentor Kits

  • Request $10,000
  • Mentor Toolkits to be placed at each elementary school. Mentors are to be trained on how to use these toolkits to provide necessary supplemental literacy instruction to support students assigned by the program.
  • CCEF targets at-risk students in the lower elementary grades to provide them with the needed support in early literacy skills to close the gap that widened during the pandemic.
  • Offering free of charge. Expenses for consumable supplies/communication pieces like printing.

Restored Coaching and Consulting – Mental Health Coaching

  • Request $8,000
  • Established to provide foundational religious instruction for the purpose of equipping individuals an organizations with the means to pursue healthy and meaningful relationships with God, self, and others both privately and in the workplace. Teaching people who want to change, how to change.
  • One-on-one life coaching. Local businesses use this organization to conduct workplace relationships and behaviors to better work conflicts, etc. John Norman and Mission Moultrie to join with Restored Coaching in the future.
  • Expenses range from salary, contract labor and taxes to supplies, travel and occupancy.

Boys & Girls Club – Keys to Excellence

  • Request $24,000
  • Serve ages 5-18 through targeted, evidenced-based programs to achieve academic success, good character and citizenship, and healthy lifestyle outcomes. Pathways to Excellence implements three interventions to offset learning gaps and aid learning recovery throughout the Club experience: Project Learn high-yield learning activities; Power Hour homework help and tutoring; Positive Action programming using intrinsic motivation to develop and maintain postivie behavior patterns.
  • Changed membership dues for parents and does not refuse a child for inability to pay.
  • Expenses will offset staffing ( $3,000 for 2 program staff/ twice a week for 1 hour), program supplies ($1,500 for curriculum books, DYI STEM project materials, markers, crayons, robotic supplies), food and training.

Special Grant Requests

Food Bank – More food

  • Request $2,500
  • YTD has filled 2,903 orders which equates to 120,915 meals.
  • No postal drive for three years.

Crossroads Mission-Learning-Center

  • Request $5,216
  • $3,500 for contractor and $1,716 for computers.
  • New learning center for residents. Needed the funds around first week of June or mid June. Has already paid but requested a reimbursement. Caroline see text message from Sean.

Serenity House – A/C Unit

  • Request $3,100
  • Functional A/C Unit needed from upstairs. Currently high temperatures limit what can be stored at shelter.

CC-4H – Supplies & Computers

  • Request $2,499
  • Educational materials and travel tablets for children and staff

Arts-Center – Kitchen-Floors

  • Request $5,000
  • Kitchen tile needs replacing which serves rentals. Loose tiles create unsafe work environment for renters and guests.
  • Currently replacing the dishwasher $16,200 and needs help offsetting the cost of the tile replacement. Hopes to boost rentals to help create a profit for the Arts Center.
  • The request was originally from the MSL.

United Way-AmeriCorps Member

  • Request $15,000
  • One World Link “OWL” is a nonprofit that works sort of like United Way as it uses local resources to solve local problems. They partner with organizations to create partnerships and address workforce challenges.
  • AmeriCorps are members placed in organizations to increase efficiency, effectiveness and program-reach through capacity building activities by recruiting a new generation of community advocates who are ready to support and facilitate access to services and resources that contribute to the improved economic well-being and security of economically disadvantaged people in the South GA region.
  • We would be responsible for $15,000 matching fund per member; assistance in identifying potential member, and identification of site/location.
  • OWL provides member recruitment, member retention, management of all paperwork, program administration (paying member stipends, signing them up for healthcare, etc), and managing all federal grant requirements.
  • AmeriCorps Member receives training and continuous member development, $18,000 living stipend over 10 months, health insurance, childcare subsidy, loan forebearance, $6,495 educational award after successful completion of program, relevant certifications.
  • UW pays $15,000 and the federal grant matches the rest of the funds. It, also, is written as a grant and not an overhead expense or salary.

Campaign 2022

  • Goal: $575,000
  • Pledged: $630,620.55
  • Procured: $399,136.13
    • 63.2% of pledges in the second quarter of 2022 as of August 2022.

Campaign 2023

  • Shine the Light: Campaign 2023. Transparency and Looking Beyond the Labels.
  • Goal: $585,000
  • Pledged: $80,000

Campaign Dates :

  • Campaign Kickoff Breakfast – Friday, August 12 @ 9:00 AM at SWGACAC.
  • Day of Action – Wednesday, September 21 @ Colquitt County Arts Center.
  • Small Business Blitz – Monday, August 29 – Friday, September 2.
  • Bid United: Auction for Action – Monday, September 26 – Friday, September 30 @ SRTC Conference Room.
  • Celebration Luncheon – Spring 2023
  • Ride United Transportation Access Grant- $13,000 / 500 rides
  • IT Infrastructure Grant – $10,000 ( New computer, QuickBooks, Donation Tracker Update, Website/Forms, Ipad.)
  • Bid United Update
  • Nonprofit Capacity Building Series began.
  • Business & Nonprofit Development Center – Partnership with EDA & Ameris Bank. (Ongoing)
  • 2022 – 2024 Strategic Plan – See link below. / Highlights
  • Early Education & Workforce Initiative – “Virtual Library”
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