2023 Special Grants

Special Grants provide the UWCC an opportunity to respond to one-time, unique community needs of non-profit and government-based agencies. Special Grants are specific to needs that will not require annual funding, and have the flexibility to respond quickly should there be an unexpected community need based upon uncontrollable and unexpected circumstances such as a pandemic, weather related impacts, food shortages, etc.
  • Special Request: $2,000
  • Project designed to give parents and caregivers a much needed break, while their individuals are being celebrated.
  • Expect 150 individuals with disabilities to attend this free event.
  • Event will be promoted through fliers and promos which will be made possible by United Way of Colquitt County.
  • Funding for two CNAs to work the event. A portion of funding will, also, cover printing for fliers regarding workshops and parent trainings offered in 2024.

  • Special Request: $20,500.
  • Upgrades to the future Education Wing include removal of old carpet, refinishing floors, building/removing a wall, adding one-way mirrors for transparency in classrooms, repainting all spaces, installing plumbing where needed and more.
  • West wing  will be education wing that will house 2 dance, 4 art and 6 music studios. Adding on a children’s interactive gallery. Will be able to expand programs and offer multiple classes at the same time.
  • Special Request: $2,500
  • The homeless shelter needs a ventilation system for the residents that would ensure comfortable temperatures and increase the safety of the shelter.
  • Shelter’s capacity will be 15-20.
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