2023-2026 Grant Committee

** Requires a board vote. Quorum is 10 board members.

Colquitt Regional Medical Center – Prescription Plan Program (PPP)

  • Community Impact Request: $24,000 – 3 year – $8,000 per year.
  • Colquitt Regional Medical Center Foundation is seeking support to create a program to support this critical mission to provide medications to those in financial need at the time of discharge. The funding will be used to accomplish two major tasks, 1. creating a sustainable model to request future funding to support patient medication needs that are determined in an objective manner, that are open to all those in need, without discrimination, and 2. that provide a tracking mechanism to assess the impact of the program.
  • Offering free of charge. The hospital will not charge fees to anyone accessing the program. Funds will be used on medications. 

Colquitt County Schools – REACH Georgia Scholarship Program

  • Community Impact Request: $22,500 – 3 year – $7,500 per year.
  • Description of the Program: REACH is a needs-based scholarship and mentoring program that begins in eighth grade. REACH Scholars are paired with a mentor and an academic coach who regularly meet with the Scholar and monitor their grades, attendance, and behavior through middle and high school. When our REACH Scholars graduate from high school, they are awarded up to a $10,000 scholarship to attend a Georgia HOPE-eligible two or four-year college of their choice. Many colleges match, double-match, and some triple-match the scholarship to provide Scholars with additional resources.
  • Area of need the program will address: Many of our Scholars are the first in their families to attend college. We are already seeing improvements in their grades, attendance, and social skills. Before participating in REACH, these Scholars may have yet to have an opportunity to pursue post-secondary education. Now, they are talking about college choices and future careers.
  • Offering free of charge. Expenses for scholarships.
  • Community Impact Request: $3,897 – 3 years – $1,299 per year.
  • The Mustard Seed Cottage, Inc. (a maternal supportive housing residence) plans to utilize the BrightCourse program in the housing program. This program will allow our residents to learn about topics such as prenatal care, parenting, relationships, life skills, and more. The residents coming into the cottage are in need of these skills and a level of care that they will not receive if we do not offer them in their time of vulnerability. The goals and objectives of this program is to educate our residents/new moms in the areas that they need help.
  • Offering free of charge. Expenses for educational materials and programming.
  • Community Impact Request: $23,000 – 3 year – $7,666.66 per year 
  • Description of the project: The mission of “The Raising Her Project” is to promote healthy relationships between mothers and daughters with an emphasis on empowerment, bonding, healing, and growth.
  • Area of need the project will address: The area of needs the project will address is the increase of mental health disorders and the following: child abuse, underage drinking, teen suicide, teen dating violence, and teen pregnancy.
  • Offering free of charge. The program is free for all participants. Expenses include advertisement, supplies for girls, travel/gas for workshops, conference and trainings, and communication/technology.
  • Community Impact Request: $10,500 – 3 years – $3,500 per year.
  • Greater Inspiration is a local 501c3 entity that thrives on being a service to the community of Colquitt County by providing resources to help enhance society at large. This project will allow the Compassion House, which is currently a temporary homeless shelter, to expand to other areas of service. This project will award us the ability to provide non-perishable foods to families in need. Another component of this project seeks to support the mental health phenomenon by allowing instructors an opportunity to teach a life skills curriculum to local community participants who are willing to participate in the sessions.
  • This project will supply non-perishable food to recipients of the Colquitt County community. In addition, citizens will also be offered an opportunity to enhance their life skills and improve mental health issues using tested and effective curriculums.
  • The goals and objectives of this project is to help local families with food and capacity building so that we are serving those who may be facing hunger issues. Additionally, the Compassion House will also target the area of mental health and assist local citizens with enhancing their life skills.

  • Community Impact Request: $24,000 – 3 years – $8,000 per year.
  • The mission of The Breathe Organization is Empowering and Advocating for families with Special Needs. One key component to empowering our families is education.
    Disability resources are incredibly hard to access and parents of kids and adults with disabilities are often overwhelmed and in need of guidance. Breathe Workshops are vital to the many families in Colquitt County who are parenting individuals with disabilities.
  • Workshops are held monthly and are free to all parents/caregivers of individuals with disabilities in Colquitt County. The goal of the workshops are to educate parents on topics that relate to them and to guide them in applying for needed resources. We expect at least 150 families to attend workshops per year. The key leader for these workshops is Nettie Hatcher but we plan to also bring in leaders from the Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities. Workshops will be held at The Breathe Center. Volunteers will be used and are required to have an annual criminal background check.
  • Workshop topics include but are not limited to: Communicating with Educators, Understanding the IEP and 504 process, Applying for Katie Beckett, Waiver Applications, Georgia Medicaid, Transitioning to Adulthood, Understanding and Applying for Guardianship, Planning for the future, Understanding Autism, Job Training, Self Care for Caregivers, Assistive Technology, Dental Care for IDD, Finding a Medical Specialist 

  • Special Request: $2,000
  • Project designed to give parents and caregivers a much needed break, while their individuals are being celebrated. 
  • Expect 150 individuals with disabilities to attend this free event.
  • Event will be promoted through fliers and promos which will be made possible by United Way of Colquitt County. 
  • Funding for two CNAs to work the event. A portion of funding will, also, cover printing for fliers regarding workshops and parent trainings offered in 2024. 

  • Special Request: $100,000.
  • Upgrades to the future Education Wing include removal of old carpet, refinishing floors, building/removing a wall, adding one-way mirrors for transparency in classrooms, repainting all spaces, installing plumbing where needed and more. 
  • West wing  will be education wing that will house 2 dance, 4 art and 6 music studios. Adding on a children’s interactive gallery. Will be able to expand programs and offer multiple classes at the same time. 
  • Special Request: $2,500
  • The homeless shelter needs a ventilation system for the residents that would ensure comfortable temperatures and increase the safety of the shelter. 
  • Shelter’s capacity will be 15-20. 
  • Special Request: $24,000
  • Total price of expansion is $115,000. Asking for help with the cost of the two bathrooms.
  • This expansion will add 4 more additional beds to the shelter with two bathrooms.


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